Due to the foresight of the 2013 Victorian Golf Course Superintendents Association's Committee of management together with the sponsorship of Bayer Environmental Science, a Green Folder was distributed to member golf course Superintendents late in 2014 inclusive of one article and was intended as a progressive folder with articles to be added along the way. The VGCSA Committee has selected articles with topics that it considers to be of interest to most golf course Superintendents in their daily task of managing the golf course. These informative articles are sourced from within the Turf industry with a focus on golf course maintenance.

Inclusive of the article included in the distributed Folder, 20 articles have been selected and these may be sourced on this page through the table below. Further articles that come to the Committee's attention will be added to the Library on this page and members will be notified.

The Committee envisages that members will find the Library contents an invaluable tool in your everyday work situation. Sharing of this knowledge is designed to contribute further to the development of a cohesive and professional golf turf industry. We thank the contributors for their willingness to be published in this way and trust that these articles will be a well used source of information.

Library Table of Contents

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Item Title/ Subject
0 Index of Title/Subject, Publisher and Authors
1 Couch Dormancy Trials, Winter 2012 (Included in folder mailed to members)
2 Controlling Parasitic Nematodes. Where to from Here?
3 Perennial Ryegrass & Tall Fescue Variety Trial, Final Results of ANTEP (2007 & 2008)
4 Seeded Couchgrass, Final Report on Evaluation Program (ANTEP)
5 Herbecide Demonstration and Oversowing
6 Impact of Dollar Spot Fungicides on Turf Quality
7 Pre and Post-emergent Weed Control Trial
8 Tribute for Kikuyu Control
9 LTM43. Scarafying with 3 mm Blades or 1.6 mm Blades
10 Control of Kykuyu in Couchgrass Turf Swards with Foramsulfuron
11 The "Irrigation Clock" (Vol XI, Issue 9)
12 Turfgrass Management: Pre and Post Shot Routine (Vol. XI, Issue 9)
13 What will Help Golf Grow? Good Customer Service. (Vol. XI, Issue 8)
14 Appiled Research, Understanding Research: Sifting Through the Data
15 Argentine Stem Weevil Control using Entomopathogenic Nematodes
16 Biological Control of Winter Corbie in Turf with Entomopathogenis Nematodes
17 Biological control of African Black Beetle in turf using Entomopathogenic Nematodes
18 Comparison of Couchgrass Establishment Methods (Year 2)

Dusting of Golf Greens in Victoria


Golf Green Soil Microbiology & Biological Stimulants (Trials 2015/16)