Through your membership of the VGCSA, you will be provided with newsletters, participation in our seminars and technical advice.

The role of the on-site golf course superintendent is paramount to the ongoing development, maintenance and construction of the golf courses that employ them.

The annual cost of membership for 2017-18 (including GST):

A Class Member - Course Superintendent    $150.00
D Class Member - Assistant Superintendent    $75.00

Club package - 1 x Super & 1 x  Assist. Super

(+ $50 per additional Assistant)


E Class Trade Member - Company Representative


Should you be considering joining, please contact our Membership Coordinator Steven Hewitt for further information and you may apply for new membership using one of the forms as appropriate.

Our Postal Address is:

The Membership Coordinator


PO Box 8050

Tottenham VIC 3012